Alexandra Buchanan Architecture

Moons Lane

Set on acreage in the beautiful outer suburb of Brisbane in Brookfield, this dynamic contemporary home has been designed for a growing family of five.

Moons, takes its inspiration from the stunning site lines surrounding the property from the vertical framing of the towering eucalypts that provide a gateway in the landscape & from the bold vision of its sculptor owner. Nestled between, creek & dam, and single storey dwelling plays with height & volume to negotiate & frame private views whilst giving nothing away to the street. The main long, low-lying form of the building is bisected by a soaring living volume that orientates to northern views of the creek, treetops & private undulating gardens.

The soft hues of the external palette reflect surrounding colours of gums, the contemporary “country” verandah, and high internal living spaces create framed views to surrounding treetops & a relaxed atmosphere for effortless occupation. The low-lying home is simultaneously quiet and yet monumental, within its site. Truly capturing the full aspect of its place within the landscape.

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