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Nerang House

This 1970's House is located in a quiet equestrian patch of Nerang on the Gold Coast.

This 1970s house is located in a quiet equestrian patch of Nerang on the Gold Coast. The brief was to transform it into a contemporary and comfortable five-bedroom family home but to be clever about it so that the owner-builder clients could do the work themselves.

The existing house was monolithic, presenting an unapologetic and dated façade to the street and turning its back on the acre of beautiful bushland to the rear garden – essentially, it was a box without any connection to its context or the potential daylight, ventilation and views.
Internally the house retained its original decor within an expansive yet confused double storey arrangement. The long, low ceilings created and introverted, oppressive and claustrophobic interior.

We were approached to update and make sense of the spaces within the existing house and to transform the appeal of the exterior, creating new connections to the context and to design in a way that enabled the owner-builders to manage the alterations and additions themselves on a tight budget.

The result has transformed this tired old house and the client’s enjoyment of it beyond all expectation.

Project details

“A couple of years ago we had the opportunity to purchase a large 1970’s house on acreage in the Gold Coast Hinterland. The property had been vacant for some time and was quite neglected. “
Knowing how amazing it could be, but without the vision to turn the “somewhat unappealing” yellow brick façade into something a little more tasteful, we decided to engage ABA on how we could take this ugly duckling and make it our own! “
“Alex is a great listener, receptive to feedback, very honest and always careful to maintain the integrity of the design and the vision for the project. We couldn’t be happier with the process and the result”

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