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Hoddles Creek

Hoddles Creek is a contemporary homestead in the stunning Yarra Valley for a celebrated foodie

This beautiful undulating roof hides a luxurious contemporary homestead to be built in the stunning Yarra Valley for a celebrated Melbourne foodie and her family.

Currently awaiting Development Approval, the private ‘Hoddles Creek’ homestead on a working cattle & truffle farm, will nestle into the hillside, taking full advantage of panoramic views to the Warburton ranges; a far cry from busy city living.
The building form is based around a series of very simple pavilions that are enveloped by an undulating roof form to compliment the contours of the site. Our initial response to the site was that we didn’t want to interrupt it! As such the form has been generated as an extension of the hill, allowing the landscape to be the principle feature.

A wide veranda to the north wraps the accommodation to allow expansive views, whilst managing the privacy of sleeping spaces against the larger open entertaining areas.
Stone from the disused on-site quarry will be used to create a striking plinth to elevate the pavilions for the best possible views.

“As a working homestead & farm, we wanted to balance the practical day to day with a sense of luxury. Pause points are a feature throughout to encourage the slower pace of life,”

As a celebrated foodie, our client is very focused on the kitchen, and where the produce comes from. As such, the home is the heart of the farm and the kitchen the heart of the home! We’ve designed a generous kitchen island bench that takes a central position within the main living pavilion and flows seamlessly from the indoors out to the veranda.

Project details

“When we first visited the site we were struck by the beautiful rolling meadows, and we were keen to create a building that could sit gently against the terrain and have a positive dialogue with the surroundings,”
“We’ve incorporated daybeds and window seats for the family to relax and contemplate the views, contrasting them with communal spaces around the sunken fire pit and outdoor fireplace to take advantage of the outdoor areas throughout the year.”

Testing options & opportunities

With such a spectacularly beautiful site we went to great lengths to explore options here that would do the site justice. This was option 5 of the initial explorations that sought to set a series of cabin style pavilions within the landscape, united by an undulating roof form.

Siting and Form

Given the rolling nature of the landscape we have massaged the position of the house over time to ensure that it sits comfortably against the hill and touches the ground lightly - meaning minimising excavation and disturbance of the environment

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