Richard Valle

Architect. RAIA

Richard enjoys that architecture gives him the opportunity to be creative, technical and constructive, all in a single day. Richard remembers being thrilled seeing a house starkly different to those around as a child, and that idea of creating this feeling for others sparked something special.

Richard appreciates the opportunity residential architecture has to be unique, innovative and purposeful. He is passionate about Eco-conscious, sustainable architecture and development. Richard strongly believes that rather than creating architecture to make an investment return, we need to be socially responsible and consequential. Streetscapes, public spaces and places of residence all deserve this thoughtfulness.

After stints working in the UK and Australia, Richard is feeling settled in the ABA environment, where he believes the studio’s innovative and creative bent aligns well with his idea of what architecture should be. Richard relishes the challenge of striking a balance between build-ability and creativity, achieving the final vision of a project and seeing big smiles on clients’ faces.