Lucia Castro Perez

Project Leader BArch Des MArch

Lucía has been with ABA since 2020 and brings with her a diverse range of experience. Born and raised in Spain, Lucia studied at the school of architecture at The University of Valladolid. She moved to Brisbane in 2012 where has worked for a number of leading Australian architectural firms. Lucía is a passionate learner and likes to keep across the latest innovations and products in designs having recently attended the RCR Arquitectes Summer Workshop in Spain

Lucía’s approach to architecture is based on the practicality and functionality of spaces founded on user constraints and desires, which is further enhanced through her continued refinement and exploration of ideas.

Throughout Lucía’s diverse architectural career, her interest in residential architecture has grown with every project she has worked on. Lucía loves the personal connections created when working with a client to create spaces to suit their needs. She has been part of several award-winning residential projects and continues to bring that calibre of design and thinking to all of her projects.