Jacob Jooste

Associate MArch Prof SACAP

Jacob has a devoted passion for the built-form which he developed though a relentless wanderlust from an early age. Growing up on a farm near a small coastal village on the Garden Route in South Africa and then wide-ranging travels through Africa, Europe and the British Isles he discovered his keen interest in the uniqueness of places, architecture and space-making.

In 2011 Jacob graduated with distinction from the Nelson Mandela University in South Africa with a Masters degree in Architecture. His thesis, focusing on the sensitivity and integration of architecture and landscapes, was selected to represent the university at the National Design & Technology Exhibition in Port Elizabeth. Jacob went on to work in Cape Town over the next 5 years where he was involved in a series of high-end residential and large scale public buildings. In 2017 he joined the ABA team after moving to Brisbane.

As a practising architect, Jacob’s architecture is informed by the unique conditions of its environment and ultimately creates buildings of their ‘place’. This philosophy fuels his keen interest in architectonics and material expression which manifests itself in his design work.