Damien Hill

Architectural Graduate BArch (Hons), MArch

Damien joined ABA in 2021 having moved to Brisbane from Canberra where he had studied and worked. After finishing his degree at the University of Canberra he went on to work with a prominent Canberra firm that specialized in community projects. One of his noteworthy contributions was his involvement in a townhouse development, which provided him with firsthand insights into the transformative power of large-scale architectural interventions.

Damien’s fascination with architecture was sparked by his innate interest in the spatial dynamics of cities and their defining built structures. During his studies, his travels across Europe and Japan gave  him a greater appreciation of well-designed architecture and how it shapes environments and experiences.

Before joining ABA, Damien’s professional experience in community-focused projects  laid a strong foundation for his current role in residential architecture and he enjoys the unique platform ABA has to collaborate closely with clients, tailoring designs to meet their present and future needs. Damien is passionate and dedicated to contributing positively to the architectural landscape.