Adam Hamilton

Architectural Technician . Associate. Passive House Accredited Consultant

Adam Hamilton joined ABA in 2017 with a diverse experience in both Australia & the UK. Growing up just down the M1 on the Gold Coast, the water and the great outdoors are his first loves.

Adam has enjoyed working on a vast array of projects in the architecture space including large residential regeneration projects, bespoke housing, developments at Brisbane Airport and High-rise towers. On the back of Adam’s ride in the Archi world, he has immensely enjoyed the locations, typologies of his projects and the people he has met along the way.

Adam enjoys the documentation, detailing and coordination of projects utilising new technology and has become ABA’s ‘to go’ man for workflow management and IT strategy. Adam enjoys nothing more than getting his bike out before the sun comes up or a cold beer when the sun goes down! In architecture it is seeing the final built form from what can be years of work. Adam’s passion for a quality detailed, efficient sustainable use of space is evident in everything that he does.