17 May 2018

Humans of ABA – Spotlight on Adam Hamilton

Adam Hamilton joined us at ABA in 2017 & very quickly established himself as our ‘go to’ man for workflow management, IT strategy and a keen detail eye. He loves nothing more than a good beer and solid banter – here our ocean loving southern beaches legend opens up…..


In a few words tell us who you are, where you come from and what gets you up in the morning…

Adam Hamilton. Grew up in the ocean and pool, schooled on the Gold Coast,  lived and worked in London, Melbourne and Brisbane. An alarm gets me up at around 5am to ride a bicycle.

What has been a highlight of your architectural experience so far…

Firstly, would be working in various locations & the people met along the way. Secondly would be the varied projects typology I have had the opportunity to work on. Ranging from a bespoke house to large projects at Brisbane airport & high-rise towers.

Why architecture?

I think I was always going to do something in the architecture space, enjoyed tech drawing at school. Then fell into a job after a year out after study. It simply went from there…

Prior to starting ABA, Can you tell me about your previous experience & how you think that translates to what you do now?

HTA’s London studio provided an awesome cultural experience working with people from all over, while getting my first taste of working in a large team on large residential regeneration projects. Melbourne, again was its large team and people, getting the opportunity for more responsibility, to be fully immersed in documenting/detailing and coordinating Residential developments and High-rise Towers. More recently getting involved in CAD and BIM workflow, new technology that can be used to promote efficiencies in the studio. Providing guidance on construction documentation and working out bespoke details.

What are you currently exploring in your work?

Documentation and details, studio workflows across our selected architectural software.

What do you find to be most rewarding aspect of architecture as a profession?

Seeing the final built form from what can sometimes be years of work. Working in spaces that have a direct impact on persons day to day activities. A quality detailed, efficient sustainable use of space.

What advice would you give to aspiring architects?

Ask questions, you aren’t expected to know everything!

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