22 September 2017

Humans of ABA – Spotlight on Shane Willmett

Shane Willmett is our architectural dynamo from the Far North, who brings plenty of talent and value to the ABA team (and is pretty handy with a paintbrush too). It’s his work birthday this week, so we’re celebrating by showing him off to your good selves. Take it away Shane!



How did your career initially get started?
I always loved the sciences through school, and pursued creative endeavours like art, sculpture, which I’m practising today and photography. Then without too much thought I nominated architecture on my university applications, and nothing else. It felt natural.

How did you develop your passion for architecture/where did it come from?
The town in where I grew up in Far North Queensland had a big part to play. Mareeba is a rural, agricultural town characterised by the timber corrugated iron homes, and what I thought was an inspiring Australian landscape. I started to understand the effect space and place has on people. It’s where I developed an appreciation for architecture that intimately responds to the landscape, climate and surrounding context.


Prior to starting ABA, Can you tell me about your previous experience & how you think that translates to what you do now?
My professional career is relatively short compared to the years I’ve spent studying architecture across the world. I think this extensive travel has strengthened my understanding of architecture’s role in society and people’s lives.
What is your interest in residential architecture specifically?
Residential architecture has the capacity to affect how children grow and how the elderly age. Childhood memories stem from the place you grew up in. It’s really special to play a part in literally design the foundations for lives to be lived out.

Can you tell us a little bit about how you work – eg approaches, processes etc?
While I am creative, I’m also strategic and rational in my approach. I dedicate my focused energy toward each task, based on client conversations, exercises and workshops. When working with a client, I love to develop mutual understanding and great communication in order to deliver the best possible outcome for them.

Has working with ABA changed your approach to architecture or your architectural style in any way?
Only slightly. I think one of ABA’s greatest strengths is that it’s a collective of inspiring, talented individuals who work incredibly well together. This is part of the dynamic that makes ABA so unique. It provides many perspectives, and people approach their tasks from different angles. This is encouraged.

What currently inspires you and your work?
Axel Vervoodt, Juliaan Lampens, Wabi Sabi, Norman Ackroyd, Light, Shadow.

Where do you see yourself in the next four years and beyond?
At ABA, but with a whole lot more travel and experience under my belt.

What advice would you give to up-and-coming architects who are trying to break into the industry?
To wholly understand why you are interested in architecture and to then pursue experience within the industry for the betterment of your own practice and understanding. Then you can deliver your best, be the most fulfilled, and achieve the greatest service for your employer/client.


To see Shane’s works on paper, click on the link here.

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